Instructor of Record

POLI-EURO 239: Introduction to European Government, UNC-Chapel Hill

This course provides advanced undergrad students with an introduction to the main features and issues of contemporary European politics and mainly, the European Union’s core countries. Placing a major focus on theoretical explanations and empirical evidence that may account for the shape of European politics today, the class begins with the emergence of the first nation states and concludes with the developments and challenges of the postindustrial era. Throughout the semester, students build their empirical and data literacy, and practice academic writing. 

Teaching Assistant

POLI 130: Introduction to Comparative Politics, UNC-Chapel Hill

Introduction to Israeli Politics, University of Haifa 

Additional Experience

Over the years I have gained further experience in different instructional capacities. These included grading for methods (Data in Politics, UNC), international relations (U.S. Foreign Policy, NYU) and theory classes (Socialist Theory, NYU), mentoring and tutoring students (Dean of Students program for academic excellence, University of Haifa), and troop instruction.